Gamification, Information Accessibility and Analytics

19 Apr

“Think for me just this once.”

Have you ever wanted to have someone just know what you were thinking without having to say it? Or, if you are always misunderstood, have you wanted them to just know exactly how to respond to your every mood correctly every time? Well, the technology for that is not here yet but with much work being done with analytics and game design there may very well be a future for it. I came across this video “A Futuristic Short Film HD: by Sight Systems” –The Cgbros.

Was the young lady in the video upset because she was being examined without her knowledge? Or was it because she knew the young man was gaining points by doing what he did? Also, was she a part of the game and was getting points as well? In that case, why did she get upset? How would we feel about someone having so much information on us? Strangely enough, I smiled through the whole bit. I suppose when you are not in the hot seat of intrusion, the technology seem like a very good idea. No question it is a gross violation of privacy but one that causes the awkwardness of conversation to be eliminated or simply minimized.


Perhaps in conversation and over time, the old fashioned way, one would spend time revealing bits of information but person’s internal analytics would not yield information for responding that quickly. Having knowledge of the psychology of human behavior and a person’s motivation for social interaction can give game designers ideas about software and hardware for these futuristic devices. At least games can be developed to allow persons to learn better strategies to deal with social situations.


In the case of someone being able to be scanned and information found about them, many persons may be opposed to someone having all that information about them. And could identity theft is possible? What database will be tapped into the find all that information? How ethical is that type of technology? Will we surrender our privacy simply because there is no apparent harm to us? It is a fact that we have already surrendered our privacy to social networks and other companies can have access to us through our smart phones and our connected devices. In another breath, how will persons who lie on forms to protect their privacy be identified? And what will the data holders choose to do with the information? Will they keep our information safe?


I would like to think that more persons than not are ready to act socially responsible as it relates to information that can so readily be available. It is where our major software companies are headed. The accessibility of information will be a valuable asset to businesses as we see proposed in the following video.

Imagine what gamification and analytics can do with accessible information to enhance other spheres of life?


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