Tracked Down

20 Apr

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Cadbury, the cat, jumped up on the sofa and stretched his chubby self.  He promptly plopped down and began grooming himself the bells on his collar ringing away. In a moment, Marty would have to pick Sarah up at the center. She had considered home-schooling the little four-year-old after she got her from the adoption agency but she needed her to be around children her own age. Maybe she would respond to something. Whatever trauma she had in her life, was locked away in her little self. None of the counseling helped. Even though she was like that, Marty knew she needed no other child but this one.

The lush green undergrowth after the spring rain caused Marty to feel at peace. As she continued to walk she saw what looked like a black mass. Flies swarmed the area. That was then she noticed the stench. She turned to look back but she has come all this way. No, it could not be. The familiar collar lay in the heap. It could not be! No! Not…   Marty shook the morbid memory of the dream from her mind. She was glad it was a dream but Cadbury was missing. It had been three days. Yes, he had gone before but only for one evening and was back the next day. Those times she was not even worried but now she was. Sarah seemed to pick it up too. Twice she looked questioningly at Marty.


“I really don’t know where he is baby.” Marty sighed.  That was their only conversation.

She stuck their dinner into the microwave oven. Both sat eating quietly.


“Track. Ref Id.”

Marty looked at the little girl quizzically. Sports? Was she telling her something about sports? Several times throughout the day the child, looking at her with concern, said the same words. Track. Ref ID.  She had not heard her speak so often. Where could she have heard those words? Marty thought long and hard about the matter. It seemed urgent enough. She would call Dr. Mighty to ask if she could take her in for an emergency session.


Dr. Mighty came out. “All Sarah has been talking about was looking for something. I asked her if it was Cadbury and she shook her head yes but all she says otherwise are those words. I believe they are a kind of code but I would have to spend some more time with her.

“Doctor, I do not think we have enough time. If we could run it through the computer, ask the pound, get someone on it. I believe we will have what we need to find Cadbury.”

They did an online search. As she scrolled through the entries her eyes locked on the letters r-e-f-i-d.

“Of course!”  She flashed out her mobile phone and spoke in hurried tones.

“Doctor, I shall update you later. Come Sarah. Let’s go. I just pray we are not too late.”

Within two hours, the representative for the animal shelter came around. A bundle was in his arms.

Sarah jumped up and down happily.

“Mommy, Cadbury is home!”

As Sarah scooped Cadbury in her arms, she pulled the child into an embrace. Breakthrough had come! She knew it was not over. Sarah would need to complete process of healing but this was a very good start.

She called Dr. Mighty.

“So, what was that code?”

“ I really don’t know how Sarah knew. She kept saying tracking and I had totally forgotten that Cadbury’s collar could be tracked. So she was trying to say R-F-I-D.”

“Oh wow. In all my years of counseling this is a first.”

“Yes. we tracked Cadbury through an RFID chip.”

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