Gamification in Teaching and Learning

19 Apr

“Time to take a break from work. Let’s play this game called Work.”


What is Gamification?

A business view of Gamification by John Broadbent

Gamification is a concept that allows for a non-game-based activity to use game elements in order to motivate persons to carry out tasks. For example in businesses, games are developed to allow persons to carry out their everyday tasks. While there are several business applications, I am longing to see much more research and application of the technology in teaching and learning. There have been some takers already.


What are Key Elements of Gamification?

There are several key elements of gamification. I have listed some here.

Element Description
Goals A clear idea of the outcome of the game is known by all.
Points Every activity carried out a score for completion.
Badges Badges are visible rewards for complete different levels of the game.
Ranking You can see how you rank among all participants of the game.


Motivation Players are motivated to achieve.
Competition Healthy rivalry challenges others to initiate new strategies to complete tasks.
Collaboration Teams rally their expertise to help each other to complete tasks.
Cool graphics The “gamified” experience is one that should be aesthetically pleasing.
Fun This is perhaps the main reason for gamification. A task that otherwise could be considered drudgery is made pleasurable.


Application to Education

Every time the term comes up, I want the students to participate in a “gamified” experience that will help them to overcome that particular troublesome topic. I want them to be so immersed in what they are doing that they do not even notice their surroundings, the time or the fact that this was a topic that they had shunned.


Where did I start my exploration?

 I started on Youtube. Cooper McNiece has given some tips to start the process.


So what will I have to do initially?

I have to change my mind set when planning my lessons. I must look at things from a gaming perspective.

  • Have a way to let players know the goals and timeline for the “gamified” experience.
  • Replace percentage scores with experience (XP) points.
  • Have places where players (students) can work with each other to complete tasks to get more points.
  • Award points and badges with each level of progress.
  • Have visuals with points, badges, progress bars and a record of what tasks have been completed and which have not all with user friendly messaging.


Next, I will need to examine first of all any tools that can create a game relatively quickly. I found a cool link.


What other topics could I explore? I can delve deeper in the following topics that I have only had surface knowledge about and see examples of how they can enhance my knowledge of game creation for my classes.

  • Location Based Games

  • Augmented Reality

  • Transmedia Storytelling

  • Bunchball (they have worked in the area from the beginning)

  • The Initial Research (Deterding et. al)


In the next 5 months or so, I would like to have a prototype with which to work.

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