Innovations: Decisions of Investors & Customers

19 Apr

 “Shall I put money into this thing?”


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I am no investment pundit so this is definitely not a “how to” for stock market investment. I simply wanted to know if everyone was rushing to invest in emerging technologies.  I took a glance at a few popular US venture capitalists who had been investing in social networks as well as other ventures and what was their response over the past year. For many, a simple choice is what makes the difference.


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Emerging Technologies Investors

Last year, it was reported that some key investors such as New York’s Fred Wilson, prominent venture capitalist, did not make any investments in emerging technologies. A few others also held back. Some persons may have wanted an explanation, especially novice investors. Was something amiss? Or was it just a freedom of choice? Will persons always choose to put their money into emerging technologies? I have not had conversation with them. I cannot give you an answer.


Venture capitalists may choose for various reasons not to invest in emerging technologies even though they are of benefit to the general public. Sometimes they may be cautious seemingly without reason. They may simply have a temperamental nature. They may be operating on business intuition. Whatever the reason, investment is a risky business and persons may simply choose to live by learning. The thing is, when investments are made in one area, a “get-rich-quick” mentality ought not to rule. Tell that to young investors. They may be headstrong and have a desire to make millions. More seasoned investors may tell them to take it easy and diversify their portfolio. Stay safe. They may choose not to take that advice. Choose.

Emerging Technologies Customers

With the fanaticism for acquiring the latest mobile devices, comes the analogy of little boy Johnny who wants a new toy, say a new bike. He will stop at nothing to get this toy. If we think about the technology as a “toy”, individuals can buy emerging technology gadgets or software.  We also have our small businesses which have been pressed to keep up with the technology race. They want all their employees to find a way to use the new technology. Never mind that many times there is no training in the specific area. Schools and universities all want apps and hardware that can facilitate learning. And then our large corporations want to merge the technology with their business dealings to give “oomph” to their bottom line.


What are the Implications for Inventors?

Emerging technologies do not fund themselves, especially the ones that customers can access for free. Having read the biographies of many of the technology giants, I have noticed that their great ideas do not go away and even if one product does not work well with the market, many inventors will continue to look for ways to be relevant and work at something new. They will seek out investors and sometimes they may have a hard time finding them and other times things might just flow on a monetary high. Investors will decide which areas to invest in. When inventors release their products, persons will make a choice to partake and will pay good money to facilitate their desire to keep up with the times.


As a customer, I may not get caught up in the “new device madness rush” but if I want a new toy–a gadget or software, I will pay.  After a short time if that toy does not integrate into my daily life, it will be discarded. Something else will catch my eye and I will decide whether to buy or not but, like with investors and  customers, it is going to be my choice.

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