Emerging Technologies and Privacy

19 Apr

“Do I really want all that hanging out there?”

Having watched several YouTube videos on Pranav Mistry’s Sixth Sense, as well as Google Glass and observed persons using regular smart phones, the issue of privacy can arise when thinking about picture and video media creation and communication. With the click of a button, a picture or a video can be made, even modified and uploaded to a social media site. If it is made public, especially without the person’s knowledge, there is really no way to get that memory back. In another area of use, persons might divulge all their business in communication with others. Some of the content might not be fit for air play. For persons thinking in a socially responsible manner, ideas about misdeeds using the technology may be furthest from their minds. They want to see the technology advancing such areas as health, education and many others and think of uses with that in mind. However, what do we do when persons violate privacy rights?

Sixth Sense:

Benefits of the Devices When media can be placed into the right hands it can be beneficial. Some benefits of these communication, picture and video media capturing devices include:-

  • Capturing important moments.
  • Allowing viewing and playback right away.
  • Permitting the addition of captions and special effects (with the right apps).
  • Sharing of recorded media with family and friends.
  • Inclusion of persons in other geographical locations to get in on the action. (No travel costs or leaving the comforts of home).
  • Looking “cool”. (As one person says, people can “show off” with them).

Ethical Issues with Conversations and Media Capture

Many of us have gotten used to ignoring persons on mobile phones, though it can be a little annoying when you realize the person using the device is not addressing you. There are times when the nature of the conversations can be traumatic. Do I really want to hear a conversation about your drama? I have had a long day at work and I just want some peace and quiet. There will be more of that to tackle with the advent of these other devices.  

Man playing a prank on others using Google Glass:

Unfortunately, not everyone will observe ethical guidelines in their dealings. Some live to push the limits without any care as to whether they violate person’s privacy rights or not. There may be many more of those persons in the future since so many are using the technology to shift the ethical limits in the name of liberty. They will still snap a picture or create a video and tell you that it is their property. Even with you in it. They will still upload it to a social media site. Ethical guidelines still need to be set to protect the innocent and there will still be persons who will uphold them—for the greater good. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

How to Defend yourself from Privacy Violations?

  • Strive to be on your best behavior.
  • Do the reverse. Play act all the time. (Except when dealing with your boss. You might get fired.)
  • Invest in a sensor that can alert you when someone is about violate your privacy (This one does not yet exist. Maybe you can create the blueprint).
  • Verbally appeal to the better nature of individuals who you can speak with.
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